Where In The World Is The Glossographer?

Where In The World Is The Glossographer?

Where in the World is the Glossographer?

Friends, I promised I’d be back, and here I am. There’s no getting rid of me now!

My previous post was really just a way to get our toes wet, a way to let you know that I am in fact alive and well and ready to externally process my life on the internet. It was brief, it was unsatisfying probably for you as much as it was for me, but I’m here with another post to remedy all of that.

Where in the world has the glossographer *been*? You ask? Well I’ve certainly been keeping busy.

We’ll start from the top, and I’ll try to keep the reading to a minimum since you certainly haven’t signed up to read my memoir.

After I finished up my class work (AND MY THESIS) last spring, we had about a week and a half of free time at Wellesley before graduation to relax and reset. One of my best friends, Bridget (who will gleefully tell you about how I awkwardly FaceBook messaged her before our first year because she also liked the West Wing and would she like to be friends?), and I went up to Beverley where her family has a little get away on the north shore. We wandered around Salem and went to the beach (my first time at the real *ocean*), and I made her watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and it was generally just a lovely time!

After graduation and a brief long weekend with Vickey and Willow, I went back to Chicago. I had a part-time internship at an auction house until the end of the summer, which is when I started my first full-time job as a legal assistant at a small family-owned law firm. Adjusting to working full-time was so rough -- I was constantly exhausted and I just want to nap all the time now.

I got to see Vianna briefly before she took off to do her Fulbright teaching assistantship in rural Taiwan! We went to see this amazing photography exhibit by Ai Wei Wei, and just wander around to catch up.

I’ve also gotten to spend a lot of time with my family since I’ve been back in Chicago. My cousin/aunt Noreen has an annual pool party every summer, that’s always a sweet respite from the cloying humidity of the Midwest.

I’ve also gotten to visit my friend Bridget in Southbend, IN, where’s she’s working on her Masters in Mathematics (I know, she’s insanely smart and cool like that), and she’s visited me (or rather, my dog) numerous times over the past year!

This is the first year that I’ve been back in Chicago for the entirety of the holiday season in several years, which was pretty fun!

While I loved (and slightly dreaded) Halloween in college (throwback to the Halloween Debacle of 2K14, you know who you are people...), I opted to hang with my family this Halloween. My very social cousin/aunt threw a party, and I decided to dress up because of course I did. I tried to get some other relatives to dress up as the Mystery Gang with me, but instead I had to go solo, and I dressed up as Susie Bishop from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

My brother came home for Thanksgiving, and a dear friend of mine whom I met while studying abroad (read about that *here*) is getting her masters at UChicago, and came to hang out with me and my insane family for the uniquely American holiday. My dog was loopy, people were gossiping about each other, and Marie-Gabrielle and I emerged triumphant from a very heated game of Trivial Pursuit.

Christmas was its typical magic. For those of you who don’t know me, Christmas is my hands down favorite holiday. I love the snow, and the way it makes people a little softer and nicer toward each other, and the songs and hope and love and hot chocolate and wrapping paper and lights. It’s all just effervescent and makes me feel warm and fluffy inside. Simple as that. This year I absolutely overdosed on Hallmark Channel holiday movies (but seriously, they had *21* new movies about Christmas this year alone!!). And, of course, on Christmas morning, I woke up with a fever, chills, and nausea. The flu! Thanks Santa, exactly what I wanted!

The rest of the (extremely long) Chicago winter was uneventful aside from the fact that it was really fucking cold, and I never wanted to emerge from my sleeping-bag style floor-length winter coat.

In March, I decided to chop all of my hair off to be more like Audrey Hepburn. I loved it for like 3 weeks, and then realized how much work it is. I am now in the process, the long and painfully slow process, of growing it out again.

At the end of March, there was one bright spot during the endless Chicago winter gloom: Vickey came to visit! Yes, my one and only, my OG insta-spouse, Vickey. Even though it was still gloomy as hell, we managed to have a fantastic time together during her Midwestern Adventure. Vickey finally got to see the Bean in person, we had our tarot cards read, she became friends with my dog (a real feat) -- it was the best long weekend I’ve had all year!

Speaking of friendships this past year, I had the astounding luck of getting to hand out with some I met while I studied abroad in 2015. My friend Marie-Gabrielle came here to do a one year masters at the University of Chicago, and we’ve been able to become even closer than we were in Leeds. Her being here in Chicago this past year honestly helped me deal with the chronic loneliness that comes with post-grad life, especially since I moved a thousand miles away from the life I built and friends I’d made in college. Of all the gin joints, am I right?

Marie-Gabrielle is back in Belgium now, but she’s not the only long-lost person I reconnected with this past year. In May and June my family from the Philippines came to visit for the first time in 10 years! It was so incredible to see everyone again. While we had kept in touch using the wonders of modern communication technology, there was still an aspect of getting to know each other all over again as adults. Luckily, my cousins, brother, and I all got along great quite quickly and had the best time! Hopefully it won’t be another 10 years before I see them again!

Regarding more personal developments, I finally decided to quit my job as a legal assistant. It was not making me happy, and in fact I dreaded it a little bit. It was time for me to get out of there and find work that was more fulfilling. Everyone at the law firm was very nice about it, and at least I figured out that I definitely do not want to be a lawyer. So there’s that.

I also decided to move out of my parents’ house. I’d been there for the last year, and while I love my parents, I really needed to not live with them anymore. Amazingly, my two friends and I were able to sign for an apartment while I was technically unemployed. It was a real long shot, but let’s just say that the Seven Sisters network is strong and the universe works in mysterious ways. That fancy, expensive East Coast education *did* pay off Mom and Dad! *sticks tongue out in defiance*

The move was pretty smooth, and we’ve been settled in here for a little over a month. An apartment tour video may even be in the works… who knows!

While being funemployed, I took a little time to really work on a passion project of mine. I’m in the process of opening an online vintage clothing store! I’ve been a lover of vintage clothing since I was a pre-teen, and I have so much that doesn’t fit me anymore, I figured why not turn that into a little enterprise? So keep your eyes peeled for Gloss Vintage Co., which will be opening up soon(ish...hopefully…)! For updates, you can follow my shop on Instagram @gloss_vintage_co

However! I am no longer (f)unemployed! Literally the day after I moved in to my new apartment, I started at a temp-to-perm position at a really neat non-profit here in Chicago. The work is something really niche that I’d never really had any exposure to previously, and yet I’ve been able to work on projects that utilize my skills and knowledge gained from working in a library and academic environment for so long! My coworkers are all phenomenal and delightful people, and I really never knew that I could actually enjoy being at work before! And! I just became official last week -- it was such a good mutual fit that they hired me on permanently! Yeah!

Well, those are really the major bullet points of the last year of my life! If you’re still here, I commend you for your persistence and loyalty! I promise that from now on I won’t be disappearing off the face of the earth for months/years at a time! Talk to you soon!

The Glossographer circa Summer 2018

Love, The Glossographer

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