Outfit of the (Turkey) Day

Outfit of the (Turkey) Day

For holidays, I generally like to dress up a little bit. It’s just what I was told to do as a kid, and it’s what I continue to do as a semi-adult. Plus it’s fun, who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up? This particular holiday, I decided to go a little more glam than usual.

turkey ootd 1.jpg

My mother graciously agreed to be my photographer in Vickey’s absence, and we took a very senior-portrait-y series of pictures. Whether posed oh-so-casually on our weirdly proportioned, outdated, mid-20th century fireplace, or dramatically conveying *Autumn* with the plastic leaves and glass pumpkin (just call me Cinderella), it was all very amusing. All that’s missing is a picture of me lounging in the grass on my stomach.

turkey ootd 2.jpg

Anyways, I’m sporting several of my wardrobe staples, including the black mock-neck tee from Uniqlo, my black tights, and black DSW booties. I’m also wearing this blue jumper-style midi dress from Urban Outfitters, which I bought years ago. Topping it all off are my new favorite earrings, my pink dangly pom-poms from icusuezq on Etsy. Though I wasn’t fidgeting with my clothes all day, I definitely chose style over comfort to an extent. The tight dress probably wasn’t such a good mix with the amount of green bean casserole, bread stuffing, pumpkin pie, and Christmas cookies I consumed, but c’est la vie.

It may not have completely revealed itself yet, but I am a *next level* dog person. Thusly, it wouldn’t be a complete photo shoot if it didn’t feature my favorite of all canine angels, my dog Oliver.

turkey ootd 3.jpg

Seeing Ollie is really the pinnacle of every visit home I make. I definitely miss him more than my human family (sorry guys), but look at his face. Look at it. Let me tack on an addendum to my previous post's thankful list: Oliver.

turkey ootd 4 and cover.jpg

As always, comment and contact! Let’s talk! Chat with me about your pets, ask questions about mine, etc etc.

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