Another Spring in Fall Outfit of the Day

Another Spring in Fall Outfit of the Day

Is it just me, or has it been a warm fall? One of my earliest posts was about spring weather in October, and here we are, already in November, and it’s in the upper 60s!

Well, the finicky weather gave me the opportunity to wear something springy!

Remember that shimmery blue disco dress I bought a few weeks ago that I thought was too small for me? I was wrong! Huzzah!

Cinderella 1.jpg

While my bridesmaid dress fitting was slightly traumatic, I did learn a great trick for squeezing myself into a dress that doesn’t quite want to zip up. That’s not to say that it’s the most comfortable thing to wear, but it does mean that I can physically wear it (I just have to be careful not to take too many deep breaths, honestly I don’t know how women wore corsets for so long…).

Cinderella 2.jpg

This beautiful dress is made of shimmery blue fabric, with major Cinderella vibes that I'm really digging. I purchased it on Etsy from eyerockvintage. It is, as she says:

Cinderella 3.jpg

With it, I’m just wearing my trusty Steve Madden nude faux patent leather flats, which I picked up from DSW. The earrings I’m wearing are vintage Art Deco style that I picked up at a flea market (and which my friend and photographer for the day, Jeanette, said reminded her of plumbing lol). I’m also wearing 100% Pure Pomegranate Oil Lipstick in Dahlia. I love this stuff because it’s highly pigmented, super hydrating, smells like fruit, and I know that it’s cruelty-free and not giving me cancer. A true win-win.

Cinderella 4 and cover.jpg

Today is Vickey’s birthday (SHOUT OUT TO VICKEY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.), so I asked Jeanette to help me out with my photos. Jeanette is a self-identified bad photographer, so I just spent lots of time swinging around and she took some action shots. Thanks for humoring me today Jeanette!

Cinderella 5.jpg

Anyways, a few random life updates: I have voted! My first presidential ballot! How exciting (and also utterly terrifying? Like, how has our country arrived at this point?). Make sure you all go out and vote on Tuesday! 

Also, as of last night, I’ve done 90% of my holiday shopping. I even beat the Target Christmas display to the punch. I feel like that’s a win.

Jeanette snapped several action shots of me swinging around giddily like a kid

Jeanette snapped several action shots of me swinging around giddily like a kid

As always, please comment! Any comment! I want to converse, not just type at you! Let’s have a conversation internet humans (and even internet robots), I welcome you all!

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