2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Well, we’re several weeks into the new year already, but I figure it’s never too late to reflect on how I want to act differently this year. So, without further ado, here are my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Get a Job!

This seems pretty self-explanatory. I’m graduating in May with a bachelor’s in Comparative Literature and Classical History, and a general interest in ~old stuff~. Super applicable, I know. I’ve had many people ask me when I’m going to be getting my teacher’s certificate. At least they’re kinder than the people who tell me to practice making lattes now. A job, or an internship at least, in my field of interest would be a literal godsend. It would be a true miracle if I could make enough money to pay my loan payments, rent, *and* (I know, I’m pushing my luck here) save up for grad school. But we shall see.


2. Open a Savings Account

In a similar vein of “steps to becoming an adult”, this is a thing I should do. I, have heard many times that I should not only *have* a savings account, but also put at least 10% of my income into said savings account on a regular basis. While at the moment this means that I would only put about 8$ in my savings account per week, it’s better than nothing and then I won’t spend it all on random impulse purchases.


3. Spend Less Money

While we’re on the subject of impulse purchases, I should definitely stop making so many of them. I’ve had this tendency for a while to buy more than I can really afford. I’m like Isla Fisher in that movie. It’s bad guys. Remember the last post where I told you I have like 300$ of merchandise in my Etsy cart right now? That’s not an isolated incident. And it’s not isolated to Etsy. I need better spending habits.


4. Know the Difference Between Self-Care and Self-Sabotage

This is a large umbrella category that covers several behaviors and habits that have become a little too extreme. I’ve always been a big proponent of “Treat Yourself”, but when that becomes impulse purchases it starts to spiral out of control a little bit, which brings me back to Resolution #3.

From Buzzfeed

From Buzzfeed

This also applies to my penchant for procrastination. While it is definitely good and valuable and important to take time to let your brain rest, and de-stress, sometimes that relaxation time can take over. When that happens, “self-care” can become procrastination via self-sabotage. I’m not saying that I’m going to give up my few hours of TV-wine-and-unwind time each week, or buying fun things for myself. I’m just saying that those decisions need to be a little more thoughtful and fully formed.


5. Start a Bullet Journal

On a slightly lighter and less philosophical note, I am finally getting into this whole Bullet Journal trend. I’ve been hearing about it for a while from some of my favorite vloggers, but I didn’t really understand what it was all about. I’d seen so many videos of the hyper artistic and intricately designed bullet journals, which just seemed so impractical to me. After I watched Rachel Nguyen’s video about Bullet Journaling, however I realized how much the process appealed to me.

I went on to watch the original Bullet Journal video, and set up my own. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I have to say, it fits perfectly with the way my brain works. A hyper neurotic, paper-based organizational system is exactly what I need. I’ll try and update you guys about how the system is working for me once I get a little further into the year, and work out some of the kinks.

6. Learn to Play Ukulele

This has always been something I’ve wanted to do. I love music, I love playing music. Fun fact: I’m a classically trained flautist, and have been playing music since I was 9. Having played a wind instrument for so long, I’ve always wanted to learn to play a stringed instrument because it seems like a wholly different experience. In high school (and still today) I desperately wanted to learn to play the cello. I love its deep, rich sound.

I landed on the ukulele more recently because it seemed a little easier to pick up for someone totally new to stringed instruments. Also it’s adorable, and there’s a lot of potential for cute and fun song covers.

As my friend Willow told me, “You’ve always been a cute ukulele player, you’ve just never been able to play the ukulele before.” Well there you have it.


7. Start Vlogging?

This is an inclination that I’m still a little unsure about. It took me so long to get into blogging, and I’m still a fledgling in the blogosphere. On the one hand, I think it would be a great way to further connect with people, but I’m also super shy. I think I would really enjoy the creative process of making vlogs, but I also don’t know that I have the time to commit at the moment (let alone a suitable camera). For the foreseeable future, I think I’m going to continue to be a blogger. But who knows? Maybe, even during this year, I might change my mind.


8. Be Kinder to Myself

This past semester especially, I’ve been working myself to the bone. With my thesis consuming every aspect of my life, to the often demoralizing process of job searching, to the near constant stress that I’ve been under, my habits and lifestyle often...slip. When I say “be kinder to myself”, I mean in every way: diet, habits, self-talk, etc.

When I get stressed, I tend to eat my feelings, and can easily down an entire box of Cheez-its in like 20 minutes. Definitely not very good. I can’t stop eating them if I have them, and then I feel sick and gross afterward. When I’m really busy I often barely have time to sleep for 6 hours, let alone the 9 hours that I prefer. This means I’m not functioning at full capacity, which often leads back to the whole eating my feelings thing. I haven’t had time to exercise once this whole semester, even though there definitely a few moments when I could have used some endorphins. And when I’m really feeling the pressure, my self-talk often becomes quite negative. I become a mean drill sergeant for myself, which helps me get things done on time, but isn’t so good for my mental health.

I think that recognizing these tendencies is a good place to start. I think building a few moments of peace, clarity, and reflection into my day could be very useful (my bullet journal will come in handy here!). Also, learning to spot, stop, and improve my bad habits and negative self-talk. It’s going to be a process, but I think I’ll become a happier, calmer person or it.


9. Read Books For Fun

I think this falls under being nicer to myself. With the way my schedule has been lately with my thesis and post-grad planning and my friend’s wedding, I’ve had barely any free time. And when I do have free time, my brain is usually so fried from over working that I can’t concentrate on or enjoy a free-read book, and turn to TV instead. Hopefully, once this semester is over, I’ll have a little bit more time to myself to read for fun like I used to. Look for a future post about my to-read book list!


Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Or reflections on 2016? Let’s chat! Feel free to comment or contact me!

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