The New Girl

Hey, do you come here often?

No, obviously not since this is my first blog post.

If you stick around after that horribly awkward pick up line, you'll be in for a wild ride through the frenzy that are my most random thoughts.

This year, like every type-A masochist at a private liberal arts school, I’m writing a senior honors thesis. As a way to keep myself sane, I created this blog as a creative outlet, a way to express my thoughts and interests about everything from my work, fashion, what books and shows I’m immersed in, my life experiences ... I could throw categories at you for days, so let’s just say, whatever happens to pop into my head, out of my hands, and onto the page.

It's a brave new world out here in the blogosphere.

The Inaugural Outfit of the Day

The Inaugural Outfit of the Day