Outfit of the Day: Spring in October

Outfit of the Day: Spring in October

So this past Monday it felt like spring again. After several cool days, some of which were downright chilly and bleak, Monday’s weather was balmy and lovely. Naturally, I dressed the way the weather made me feel. I put on some crisp, peppy red lipstick (I'm wearing my favorite which is Russian Red by MAC, with MAC lipliner in Brick)

I embraced the summery breezes, and wore one of my absolute favorite dresses, with a thin braided belt I got at Target.

spring in fall 1 and cover.jpg

The pattern is blue and white flowers, and it makes me feel like a glamorous spring princess.

spring in fall 2.jpg

I love the ruffly collar and button details, which are hard to see in these photos, but they make it a really interesting piece. I picked up this dress at a vintage store in Amsterdam, so I don’t have any links unfortunately. Since it was still a little chilly in the morning and evening, I paired it with another vintage piece, this huge men’s denim jacket that I got at the Garment District in Cambridge.

spring in fall 3.jpg

This jacket is great because it’s so sturdy. It’s real denim with lots of heft, and it fits with perfectly oversized proportions on me. I can’t even tell you how many thrift stores I had to sift through to find the jacket I could see in my head.

spring in fall 4.jpg

My shoes are also un-linkable. I’m only just now realizing how exclusive (“unique” makes me feel less pretentious) my outfit is. I got these sandals when I was in Greece this past summer, from the Poet Sandalmaker’s shop in Athens (if any of you are visiting Athens, it just off the main square at Monastiraki). I have the Aeolian #2 model and they are crazy comfortable, and were pretty affordable considering they’re made to fit your feet. 10/10 would recommend.

spring in fall 5.jpg

Well even if it is hella pretentious, I feel super duper cool in this outfit.

Unfortunately, it’s back into the 50s and 60s next week. Fortunately, I have a perfume update! (This is a bit of a non sequitur, but it's also my blog, so...) I've had the chance to try out Santal Carmin, Tobacco Nuit, and Vetiver Fatal of the 31 Atelier Colognes I received in their Discovery Set. Honestly, they were all wonderful. Vetiver Fatal goes on very green, and then becomes faintly sweet and fresh, with the barest hint of a floral scent -- it fades in a very lovely and very soft way. Tobacco Nuit is strong and spicy with a sweetness that isn't cloying -- it reminds me of the pipe my grandpa used to smoke (then he got emphysema, i.e. don't smoke pipes even though they might smell nice). Finally, Santal Carmin has something warm and sweet and a little musky and androgynous about it. I've liked all three, but Tobacco Nuit and Santal Carmin were my favorites.

P.S. Shout out to Vickey, who has been my ever supportive camera woman in all of these "OTD" posts so far!

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