Jinkies! Another Unboxing!

Jinkies! Another Unboxing!

The episode where we look at the groovy accessories and disco dresses that I purchase when I’m high on midterms-and-thesis-induced stress hormones. In the the next episode: Scooby and the Mystery Gang go searching for the contents of my bank account.

After several days (well, weeks really, let’s not lie ourself, Austen) fraught with a never ending onslaught of thesis and school work, I went a bit bananas with the purchases. I always think shopping is going to help me relieve my stress, but spending money really just racks me with guilt. It’s a never ending cycle.


I got a few normal things from the mall after my bridesmaid dress fitting. I got this Make Up For Ever Aqua XL eyeliner in M-22, which is a really pretty cobalt blue. I’ve been looking for a blue eyeliner for a while, and this one is subtle while still definitely reading as blue.

Vickey and I also spent a great deal of time in Claire’s. I honestly haven’t been inside of a Claire’s since I was about 14 or 15, but let me say their music choices were pretty great while we were there. There was some quality vintage Katy Perry as Vickey noted. We were there because Vickey needed some studs, and we noticed that it was buy 3 get 3 free of ANYTHING in the store, so we each got three pairs of earrings. I got these sterling silver baby hoops, moon studs, and Saturn studs (the hoops are utter trash though! Don’t buy hoops at Claire’s!!)

Jinkies 1.jpg

Speaking of earrings, I succumbed to my complete Tavi-Gevinson-wannabe temptations and bought a pair of pink dangly pom pom earrings from Etsy (from icusuezq). They are amazing and feel so soft and fluffy on my neck when I swing my head around. I am devolving (or maybe transcending? Sublimating even?) into a sentient cartoon character is what we’re learning folks.

Jinkies 2.jpg

The final ridiculous accessory I got was this vintage silk cherry print square scarf, which I got on Etsy from cricketcapers. It’s adorable and vintage, and I love the idea of wearing it in my hair. It just feels very fun and 60s and sassy (i.e. my aesthetic when I’m not trying to be an 80s tv character or a space princess or both).

Jinkies 3.jpg

Finally, my last fit-of-life-crisis purchases were two disco dresses. Totally natural. I was literally sitting in the library at my thesis study desk, staring at the shelf full of books on the documentary hypothesis of pentateuchal criticism, and commentaries on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and the textual and motif intersections of ancient Near Eastern mythologies (zoinks, amirite), when I opened a tab, went on Etsy, and literally typed in “disco dresses”. This is what I ended up with.

Jinkies 4.jpg
Jinkies 5.jpg

The first you’ve seen in this post about An American In Paris. It’s a fluttery, sheer, space print disco dress that I got from PendulumVintage. The second is this great shimmery blue disco dress that I purchased from eyerockvintage, which is just barely too small for me by like millimeters (goddamn wide ribs), so I’m going to see if I can have it let out a touch. I love them both, they are exactly what I wanted, even if I absolutely didn’t need them (and believe me, after paying for a bridesmaid’s dress alteration, I definitely didn’t *need* to be paying for anything…). But they’re good for the soul? Well, that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself anyway.

As always, feel free to converse with me, people of the internet (or really, at this point I know all 7 of you who read my blog…), so comment or contact!

[UPDATE:] Guys guys guys! I literally *just* got my Claire's hoops to work!!! I couldn't actually get them to close while they were in my ears for the longest time, but I just did! I have 2 pages left on the section of my thesis that I'm working on, which is of course why I was practicing with my earrings instead, and I got them in and closed!!! I'm so excited!!! I did something productive today!!!

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