Fall 2016 Wish List

Alright, everyone, I’ve just finished a vaguely hellish midterm (Latin may be a dead language, but it’s still a killer) and been on a stress-induced Etsy window-shopping spree. This, in turn, got me thinking about my wish list for this fall.

1. Vintage denim

I’ve always been a vintage girl, but lately I feel like I’ve been veering away from the pastel, flowery princess skirts of the 50s and more toward the ironic tshirts and faded denim of the 70s (maybe I’ll talk more about the evolution of my style tastes in another post -- if you guys are interested let me know in the comments). Several of the bloggers that I admire have fully indoctrinated me into the ways of vintage denim. The quality is impeccable, they say. The wear is one of a kind, they say. I am convinced. There’s a pair I’ve been eyeing from Denim Refinery, which I won’t link, so that you can’t buy them before I do. THEY’RE ALL MINE MUAHAHAHA.

2. Glossier, Glossier, All Things Glossier

This is not a hyperbole. I honestly want like half of their merchandise. I’m a diehard Glossier fan. I first heard about them from Rachel Nguyen (who else), I looked up some reviews, and started out with the Stretch Concealer (I have it in Medium) and Generation G in “Jam”. They were (and still are) amazing. Generation G is honestly my favorite lipstick in my possession (and I LOVE lipstick, it’s pretty much the only makeup I’ll do). I reach for it most days. Thoroughly convinced, I picked up the Milky Jelly Cleanser and Priming Moisturizer next. I thought I couldn’t be more impressed, but I thought wrong. The cleanser had a weird, sort of plasticy smell to me at first, but I didn’t really mind because it literally melts off any make up. And I don’t know what sort of dark magic they’ve bottled up in the moisturizer tube, but it makes me look like a dewy summer goddess all day long. My skin is very happy.

Anyways. What I’m coveting from them now is:

-The Supers, their three-pack of serums that has been getting rave reviews.

-The balm dotcom, I’d love to collect all the flavors, but I’d start with Coconut or Cherry

-Generation G in “Zip”, I love me a good red lipstick, and I already know Generation G is a good formula

-Boy Brow (in Black), right now I’m using Benefit Gimme Brow in Brown, and it work alright, but the formula has started getting clumpy, and it dries crunchy, which is a no-go. This is the product that catalyzed a cult-like phenomenon surrounding Glossier. 'nuff said. 

(Also, can we take a minute to appreciate the aesthetic beauty and satisfaction that is the brand Glossier?)

3. Perfume

I’m trying to find my signature scent. I haven’t had one since high school, when I was a Vera Wang Love Struck girl all the way. I still have some, but it’s so old that it doesn’t last very long, and I’m also looking for something a little more grown up now that I’m nearly a *real adult*, whatever the hell that is. I liked Tocca’s “Cleopatra” when I tried it on the other day, it seems like a slightly more adult version of Love Struck. And, if you read my very first ‘unboxing’ post, then you’ll know that I’ve picked up Atelier Cologne's Discovery Set. Well I’ve worked my way through a almost 10 by now (some were reviewed in this OTD post), and I haven’t disliked a one yet. The ones I’m gravitating towards more strongly all have either a musky or spicy, and a somewhat androgynous vibe, so it seems I have a type.

4. Kooky, Oversized Earrings

I’m loving these earrings by La Hormiga and these by Nach both on Yoox, but they’re also waaaaaay out of my price range. I’ve been browsing Etsy for similar items, and I’ve had some luck with eccentric, colossal granny earrings. I’m sort of just in the mood for them, I’m feeling like I want to change up my look a bit.

5. Lula Magazine Subscription

This one seems self-explanatory. It’s also going on my christmas wish list.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions! Let’s have a conversation!

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